Chaos to Clarity : Cut Through Your Personal Confusion. Discover Your Purpose, Passion & Potential
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Chaos to Clarity

Cut Through Your Personal Confusion. Discover Your Purpose, Passion & Potential

Language: English

Instructors: Meghnand Dungarwal

Validity Period: 90 days

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  • Are you facing a mid-life crisis?
  • Are you experiencing self-doubt?
  • Do you feel low confidence?
  • Have you lost direction or the purpose of life?

'Chaos To Clarity' is here to support you on your journey, offering guidance and transformation to navigate these challenges successfully. 

Simple & Powerful techniques to find your TRUTH - Find Your PASSION, POTENTIAL, and Life's PURPOSE


Chaos to Clarity is a transformative course designed to help you cut through your confusion and discover your purpose, passion, and potential. This course provides practical strategies and tools to declutter your mind, gain clarity in your life, and unlock your true potential.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn effective techniques to declutter and organize your physical and mental space.
  • Discover your true passions, strengths, and values to align with your purpose.
  • Uncover self-limiting beliefs and develop empowering beliefs to achieve your goals.

What you will learn:

  • Cut through confusion: Understand and overcome the common obstacles that create confusion in your life.
  • Discover your purpose: Uncover your unique purpose and align it with your passions and talents.
  • Find your passion: Identify your true passions and explore ways to integrate them into your life.
  • Unlock your potential: Develop strategies to tap into your unlimited potential and live a more fulfilling life.

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A Professional Chartered Accountant, CPA, Certified Executive Coach

  • An Executive Business Coach, CA and CPA, Meghnand carries deep experience advising forward-looking companies and business leaders.​ Meghnand has helped a variety of client organizations in their business-sensitive matters. 
  • His 18 years of professional journey include a leadership role at a high-growth advisory firm and consulting roles in Big4 accounting firms.
  • Founder of Shoonyas – A business and personal growth solutions company.
  • Professional Speaker Internationally.
  • As an executive educator, Meghnand has authored a book ‘The Simple Path to Freedom & Success’ and an online course ‘Chaos to Clarity’ available on Shoonyas Vidyā.


"Very good training. Anyone who sincerely does the exercises given in this training can easily identify their Potential, Passion, and Purpose (P3). Finally, I have identified my P3; to become a Life and Business Coach; to help people to identify their P3 to live a happy life. Immediately I will start coaching people along with my current IT job; for some time and later I want to fully focus on my Purpose; through which I can coach and touch thousands of people to live happily with their Life Purpose. I highly recommend this course to those who really want to know their life Purpose and live a happy life."


Hareendran E. 

"Thank you for this wonderful course. It is quite difficult to help someone to know about oneself, his choices, callings, and passion in an unbiased way and this course successfully does that. Each tool has been thoroughly researched and presented in such a simple way that after completion of each exercise, I explored more about myself without getting judgemental about my likings. In the crowd of many other theoretically driven courses, this course stands out as one being practical and easily implementable to achieve more success in life. Kudos!!!"


Anket D.

"This course is really amazing. It forced me to contemplate my life, which I wouldn't have done otherwise in a normal course of life with a regular routine. I fortunately found this course at the appropriate juncture of my life where I can make the best use of it. The methods discussed here and the conclusions derived from them are to be referred to and applied continuously in the future. This will definitely help in living life to its fullest. Thank you Meghnand!


Pareexit Singh P.


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