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Unlock your full potential with us, where we offer a diverse range of courses tailored to your Personal, Professional, and Leadership development needs.

Welcome to Shoonyas Vidyā

Going The Extra Mile With You. 

Why Choose Shoonyas Vidyā?

Learn What Matters

Explore a diverse range of courses designed by experts to give you the growth skills you need. From basics to advanced topics, we cover everything you need to know and practice.

Guidance from Expert Mentors

Our expert and friendly mentors have years of experience and will help you understand concepts easily. They'll show you how to use what you learn in real life.

Meet Others Like You

Join our community and make meaningful connections with friends who are also learning. Share ideas, ask questions, and learn together!

Learn at Your Own Pace

You can learn whenever and wherever you want. Whether you're a morning person or a night owl, Shoonyas Vidyā fits your schedule.

Interactive and Fun

Forget boring lectures! Our videos, quizzes, and activities make learning exciting and help you remember things better.

Get Recognized

When you finish a course, you'll get a certificate that others will notice. It shows you're ready to thrive! 


We have courses that fit your wide interests and goals

We Believe In More Than Just Courses 

Our Commitment To Your Success Sets Us Apart

Meet Your Mentors - Our Experts 

Your mentors are here to help you every step of the way. They've been where you are and will guide you through your learning growth journey.

CA Meghnand Dungarwal

Executive Business Coach

CA Sachin Holmukhe

Data Analysis & Risk Management

CA Abhay Gadiya

Data Analysis & Forensic Professional

Explore What You'll Learn

Personal Development

Cultivate essential life skills and unlock your true potential

Professional Growth

Excel in your career with courses designed to elevate your practical work-skills and knowledge

Leadership Skills

Hone the abilities needed to lead with confidence and influence positive change.

What You'll Get?

Microlearning Materials

Access bite-sized lessons for quick knowledge bites on the go.

Practice Activities

Try out what you've learned and see how well you're doing.

Engaging Video Lessons 

Learn with fun videos that explain everything clearly.

Live Q&A Webinar

Get handy materials to review what you've learned and keep track of your progress.




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